One of the Small Perks of Being a Sushi Concierge

Being a Sushi Concierge is hard work—last night I hosted a nearly 3-hour dinner for ten guests at my Monday-night dinner class series at Jewel Bako restaurant. But there are some perks. I don’t get to eat during the meal, but the maître d’ wouldn’t let me leave without taking a box of sushi home myself. Score.

The sushi in the picture—what the maître d’ insisted on sending me home with in a box, so I couldn’t really argue with him when I opened it up back home—is a more standard fare compared with the Sushi Concierge menu that I arrange for my guests and clients, which skews away from the tunas and fattier farmed fish towards lighter, leaner, and more traditional ingredients, which—bonus—tend to be more healthful and, though not perfectly so, often more sustainable, too.

What a great way to end the day. Hungry?