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During Trevor's research and writing he uses various approaches to photography to help capture scenes and details. Some of his images are collected below. You can also follow Trevor on Instagram and see a wider selection of his images here.

Lobstering and Maine

Trevor lived and worked on the coast of Maine while researching his book The Secret Life of Lobsters. Here are images from Little Cranberry Island, where the book takes place, and areas nearby.

Lobster science

Much of the lobster science Trevor describes in The Secret Life of Lobsters is hard to photograph because it happens underwater. But here are some striking images from the lobster science lab at the New England Aquarium.


Trevor has spent a lot of time in Japan, which partly inspired his book The Story of Sushi. Here are some of his images from around that visually fascinating country.


While reporting his book The Story of Sushi, Trevor logged many hours behind the scenes in sushi restaurants, and snapped a lot of pictures in the process.