Trevor Corson is a writer and editor who works across a broad range of subject areas. He is the author of the worldwide popular-science bestseller The Secret Life of Lobsters and the award-winning The Story of Sushi, as well as many articles and essays. He is also a writing teacher and workshop leader who has worked with senior scientists, graduate students, mid-career adults, military veterans, undergraduates, and high-school students.


workshop - featured

New workshops

Trevor is teaching two new workshops in writing and storytelling especially for scientists and medical professionals, both available online.

lobster - featured

"Gastropod" podcast

Food, science, and history collide on a lobster-themed episode of the esteemed podcast Gastropod. Hear Trevor tell his favorite crustacean stories.

NYT Finland Paradise

How to save America

What makes a free-market democracy sustainable for the long haul? Trevor and his spouse bust some myths in The New York Times about life in Finland.