From Miles Frieden, Executive Director of the Key West Literary Seminar:

“Trevor Corson is an outstanding workshop leader. He led a weeklong class on narrative nonfiction, a class that included students from a wide array of backgrounds, abilities and approaches. He provided everyone with detailed attention and engaged class members in improving their own and others’ writing. He was unfailingly accessible and kind to students throughout. He also provided essential information about nonfiction writing, its mores and ethics, and how it differs from memoir, fiction and other forms of writing. We strongly recommend Trevor as a teacher and workshop leader.”

From Buki Papillon, student, Key West Literary Seminar:

“I will always be immensely grateful for Trevor Corson’s class. I learned a lot about nonfiction writing techniques and skill and also enjoyed the class immensely. Trevor’s workshop approach fostered a true spirit of community amongst his students as he encouraged each of us to contribute to the critiquing process in a way that maximized the results for everyone. Trevor’s own critiques were insightful and, between the diagrams he would occasionally create on the board and his analysis of each student’s story, I left feeling that I had gained more from his workshop than I imagined possible. I carried with me the basic important fact that in order to write successful nonfiction, I have to tell a good story while unobtrusively weaving in verifiable information. I also very much appreciated the fact that Trevor treated every one of us as talented writers who one day could be fellow professionals, so that I left his class feeling both challenged and encouraged that we had all been given the tools to steer safely through writing our own real stories.”

From Dr. Robert Ginsburg, Professor, Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science, University of Miami:

“Trevor Corson delivered an insightful and constructive seminar providing crucial tips for helping our scientists and experts communicate their work to the public.”