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Saturday, July 22, 2006


(photo: Abigail Curtis, AP)
Talk about an identity crisis!

This from the AP Newswire, July 14, 2006:
BAR HARBOR, Maine - An eastern Maine lobsterman caught a lobster this week that looks like it's half-cooked. . . .

Staff at the Mount Desert Oceanarium say the odds of finding a half-and-half lobster are 1 in 50 million to 100 million. By comparison, the odds of finding a blue lobster are about 1 in a million.

Bette Spurling, who works at the oceanarium, said lobster shells are usually a blend of the three primary colors: red, yellow and blue. Those colors mix to form the greenish-brown color of most lobsters. This lobster, though, has no blue in half of its shell, she said.

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- In reference to the half-baked lobster, I just want to say how important the Mount Desert Oceanarium in Bar Harbor was in turning me on to our oceans and ocean creatures long, long ago. I vividly remember childhood trips there, playing with sea cucumbers in the tidal pool tank, learning about lobsters, seeing giant baleen combs on the wall . . . My love of ocean life likely started with frequent visits to the oceanarium as a young kid. Everyone should take a trip there if it's feasible, and parents should definitely get their kids there.


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