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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Lobster Video Game

Tired of Doom, Halo, and Battlefront? Try's 10th anniversary lobster video game, called the "Lobster Bash."

According to the site:

"A lobster of historic proportions has escaped with cake and gifts destined for's birthday party. . . . The giant beast then headed for the Charles River inlet, nearly capsizing several tour boats. Captain James Scollay, who has long hunted this colossal pest" -- is there a Melville novel I missed? -- "vows to return the stolen items."

You are Captain Scollay. Above you the giant lobster is tossing birhtday presents and lit candles into the river. Your mission: catch the presents, and aim water balloons to extinguish the flaming candles, before they incinerate innocent sailboats drifting below.

By the way, currently eight of the top ten high scores are held by "Joe," who apparently gets 14,000 points every time he plays.

If you want to challenge Joe, you should be afraid. Very afraid. This giant lobster roars.