Surprising Lobster Facts

from The Secret Life of Lobsters

by Trevor Corson

First of all: no, lobsters do not mate for life—that is an urban myth popularized by the television show Friends. (The reality is far, far, far more interesting, as you will learn in the book.)

In addition, did you know that lobsters:

  1. Live in neighborhoods—and love to remodel their homes?

  2. Fight constantly—and play a deadly game of chicken called “claw lock”?

  3. Grow by ripping off their own skeletons—including the lining of their stomachs?

  4. Employ 20,000 eyes for detecting light—but still have terrible vision?

  5. Flirt with each other—by urinating in each other’s faces?

  6. Dance during courtship—and make love in the missionary position?

  7. Hatch babies called “Superlobsters”—because they can fly underwater?

  8. Were once despised by humans as junk food?

Read The Secret Life of Lobsters to learn more ...


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