Guided Historical Sushi Dinners

“Trevor Corson takes you on a fascinating journey into the world of sushi.
Rich, engaging, a pleasure.”
Eric Ripert


After the publication of Trevor’s book The Story of Sushi, named a Best Food Book of the Year by Zagat and the Best American Food Book of the Year by the Gourmand Awards, Trevor began hosting a series of guided historical sushi dinners, primarily at the Michelin-starred Jewel Bako restaurant in New York City.

Drawing on his extensive Japanese-language research into the history of Japan’s cuisine, and on his experience as a former judge on Food Network’s Iron Chef America, Trevor collaborated closely with master Japanese chefs to design authentic menus representing sushi as it would have been eaten a century ago, then guided guests through the meals in person. At each meal Trevor wove anecdotes from his research together with real-time tips on how to appreciate the skills of a traditionally-trained sushi chef, in the process revealing secrets of sushi history, craft, appreciation, and etiquette that often came as a surprise even to seasoned sushi aficionados.

Trevor’s historical sushi dinners have been featured on Japanese national television and in The New York Times Magazine, The New York Times Dining & Wine section, The Washington Post, Food & Wine, Time Out New York, Tasting Table, Washington City Paper, United Airlines Hemispheres magazine, Plate Magazine, and other publications.

Many attendees at the dinners have written testimonials such as this:

“Having been an avid lover of Japanese cuisine for at least the last 25 years, I supposed that, perhaps if I wasn’t an expert, I was certainly a gifted and enthusiastic amateur when it came to knowing my way around the sushi bar. And how completely wrong I was. Within a matter of minutes, I realized that I knew next to nothing about the background, the origins of the myriad traditions behind Japanese cuisine. I was fascinated to begin to understand the reason behind combining certain ingredients, and the methodology of preparing them. Trevor Corson guided us through an extravaganza of taste experiences. It was a truly great, and humbling evening.” —John Glaister, New York City

After six years of hosting the dinners Trevor has had to put the events on hiatus due to an increasingly busy teaching and writing schedule. Sushi enthusiasts can still delve into a copy The Story of Sushi and, armed with the information from the book, pursue the ultimate authentic sushi experience themselves—a lifelong adventure.

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